Natures Wonder

Few things in life have the power to touch us like the natural world.  It can lift our mood, calm our fears and stimulate our imagination. One of our oldest and strongest established connections to the natural world is through fur and hides.  For thousands of years skins have provided clothing, shelter and comfort.

In our modern busy lives the opportunity to connect with nature is diminishing.  Here, with our diverse range of hides, we offer you the chance to bring a little of the natural world into your homes in a contemporary and simple style which enhances both modern and traditional living spaces. 

All of our hides are a by-product of meat production, we source from family run tanneries ensuring rural communities are supported by our business allowing them to keep their way of life and local traditions going.  All of our hides are Eco-tanned using natural and synthetic tannins which is kinder to the planet .  We do not allow the use of Chrome, dyes or bleaches in our hides which makes them safer for you and the smaller people in your family!