Natures Wonder

Few things in life have the power to touch us like the natural world.  It can lift our mood, calm our fears and stimulate our imagination. One of our oldest and strongest established connections to the natural world is through fur and hides.  For thousands of years skins have provided clothing, shelter and comfort.

In our modern busy lives the opportunity to connect with nature is diminishing.  Here, with our diverse range of hides, we offer you the chance to bring a little of the natural world into your customers’ homes in a contemporary and simple style which enhances modern living spaces.

We have put together a more unusual collection of hides creating a resource which offers you the retailer an alternative to the mass produced dyed hides which are flooding onto every High Street and internet. If you want something a little different, if you want to keep your customer engaged, if you have a personal style for your business then take time to browse our website and see how we can work together to help you stand out in the crowd.

And, because today we understand that retail is more than just about a product, its about how and where that product comes from you can rely on every Pellis hide to conform to our ethos:

 Ethically sourced ~ Eco-tanned ~ Hand finished ~ No bleaches or dyes.

Finally to ensure no member of the family feels left out we have a range of Organically Tanned Baby Rugs, hand picked for their delicate fleece, wonderful colour and diverse pattern so every baby can experience the comfort enjoyed by generations.