A collection of Sheepskins (Hill Sheep) which are either the traditional Jacob pattern or bi-colour combination.  They tend to be robust in nature and make excellent rugs giving an authentic country feel to any home.  Fleece length can be subject to seasonal variation but is always dense and often resilient giving the hides a springy texture.  The nap is thick making the hide a good choice as a rug on natural floors.

Jacobs and patterned hides are becoming increasingly popular.  We can supply you with beautiful quality Jacobs in a range of sizes that will enable you to maximise your profits.  They are a mid range price point though the very large skins do attract a premium, please see Top Tip below.

Top Tip:
Occasionally we have very large long coated premium grade Jacobs.  These are rare in the UK market and offer you the chance to stand out from the crowd and sell a unique product with a real ” Wow” factor.  If you want to stock them let the office know and we will keep you informed at key times of the year.