Goatskins provide a novel alternative to a sheepskin.  Goatskins are diverse varying in colour, patterns and texture.  Subtle greys, ivory, sharp black and whites, duns and roans are all available in the range.  Increasingly interior designers and  home making magazines are recognising Goatskin as a way to provide contrast and character to a room.  Soft, flexible and colourful.

Top Tip:
Our Goatskins have soft nap and lend themselves to draping, add a splash of colour over a sofa or chair.





  Width Length
Small varies 75 cm to 100 cm
Medium varies 100 cm to 115 cm
Large varies over 115 cm
Extra Large n/a n/a
XX Large n/a n/a
XXX n/a n/a

Product Care Guide


Avoid extreme heat like fires, radiators, underfloor heating and conservatories.  Goatskin Rugs are for light use only.  Avoid damp or wet conditions to prevent damage, do not wash.  Brush frequently with a stiff rug brush and shake out daily if required.  Dry clean if required (check with your chosen specialist dry cleaner). Small spills should be moped up quickly and a mild diluted detergent used, do not allow the hide to get too wet.  If the hide gets wet make sure you dry it naturally away from any heat source.  Dry outside if possible, out of direct sunlight and flat.

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