This collection is often described as “Rare Breed” but they are actually cross bred hill sheep with unusual and interesting patterns in their fleece.  Most of the sheepskins are robust and dense making them a perfect choice for rugs which create a feeling of comfort and warmth.  Fleece length is subject to seasonal variation, it is longest in the spring.  The nap is generally of a good quality and thick which produces a hard wearing back making them an ideal option on natural floors.

Demand for rare breed sheepskins has increased over the last few years.  Our premium grade hides offer you a fabulous opportunity to take advantage of this growing trend.  They are available in a range of sizes.  Price is dependent upon size and fleece thickness, ranging from low mid point to higher mid point.

Top Tip:
We sometimes stock skins from mature sheep which are far larger than those normally for sale in the UK giving you a unique selling opportunity.  Ask the office for details.