All Icelandic Sheepskins have two coats; a soft dense under coat (Pel) and a long outer coat (Tog).  When tanned well the skins have depth from the Pel and long fur which feels like hair from the Tog.  Whatever the colour they always ooze luxury.  Within our Natural Coloured Icelandic collection colours range through blacks, blondes, greys and bi-colours (normally black and white).  Natural Coloured Icelandics are sold in mixed packs of 4 or more.

The demand for coloured Icelandics has grown in recent years and has often been met by dyed hides.  Our collection offers you the chance to provide a vibrant Natural Coloured Sheepskin at a sensible mid range price point.  Each hide is unique and therefore can’t be copied on the internet. 

Top Tip:
Black and White bi-colour rugs look stunning with industrial style mono chrome interiors.