We only stock Nordic Premium Grade Reindeer Hides which are ethically sourced and Eco-tanned.  Enjoy the lush fur, unique patterns and luxury of one of natures’ most beautiful hides.  Our premium grade hides never fail to impress.

Top Tip:
Looks great draped over leather or wooden furniture or as an amazing centre piece hung on a blank wall.





  Width Length
Small n/a n/a
Medium n/a n/a
Large 80/100 cm 130 cm to 140cm
Extra Large n/a n/a
XX Large n/a n/a
XXX n/a n/a

Product Care Guide


Reindeer hide is a unique product, we recommend careful handling.  It is normal for small amounts of fur to detach during the lifetime of the hide.
Avoid sources of heat as this can accelerate the drying of the hide.  Avoid pets using them!  Excessive shaking or rubbing of the hide can cause the hollow fur fibres to crack and shed.  Any liquid spills must be wiped off carefully.  If the leather side gets wet, turn the hide over to dry (wet side upwards) on a horizontal surface if possible.  You can vacuum your hide using the lowest power setting and the dusting brush attachment.  Always follow the direction of the fur.
In the event you have marked your Reindeer  seek specialist advice.

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