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A generously proportioned robust traditional sheepskin rug available in natural whites and chocolates.  They are hard wearing with a good quality thick nap and provide classic country comfort at an affordable price in an unequalled size.

The County Range offers retailers the ability to supply a large quality rug which is great value for money.  A very popular option. Supply is good throughout the year and generally we can dispatch within 24 hours of receiving payment. Although the range always has dense fur the length of wool is subject to seasonal variation.

Top Tip:
Occasionally we have extra-large, extra-long fleeced hides.  Let us know if these are of interest to you and we’ll notify you of new deliveries.





  Width Length
Small varies 110 cm to 130 cm
Medium varies 130 cm to 135 cm
Large varies 135 cm and over
X Large n/a n/a
XX Large n/a n/a
XXX n/a n/a

Product Care Guide

County Range

Avoid strong direct sunlight. Avoid damp or wet conditions to prevent damage to the leather pelt. Brush regularly to help maintain and bring out the best in the wool fibres. Small stains and light soiling can be spot cleaned with a clean damp cloth and diluted sheepskin shampoo. For more thorough cleaning we recommend you consult your nearest specialist cleaners.  

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