Premium Grade authentic Gotland Sheepskins.  They are characterised by incredibly soft fur and the classic Gotland curl.  The fleece can be long creating a ringlet effect or shorter creating waves.  Although they are generally available in natural grey tones, we sometimes have other variations including creams and dark browns.

Gotlands are the “Premium Brand” of sheepskin recognised throughout the world.  Supply is limited by the size of the island and this is reflected in their higher  price point.  The ultimate luxury sheepskin which always makes a statement.

Top Tip:
Long Coated Gotlands in larger sizes are difficult to supply all year round so order while stock levels are good which is late winter and early spring.





Width Length
Small varies up to 100 cm
Medium varies 100 cm to 110 cm
Large varies 110 cm to 120 cm
X Large varies 120 cm to 130 cm
XX Large varies 130 cm to 135 cm
XXX varies over 135 cm

Product Care Guide


Gotland sheepskins naturally repel dirt.  Shake the skin out once in a while and air it outside.  To spot clean use a damp cloth (clean water only) and then pad dry before use.  Occasionally shake your hands through the skin lifting the curls with your fingers.  Other methods of cleaning are available and we recommend you speak to a specialist cleaner before attempting an alternative.  Over brushing can reduce the curls in a Gotland sheepskin avoid brushing if you can.  A light misting  spray of water can revive the curls, do not over wet.

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