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If provenance is a key selling point for you then our British Lambskins are a perfect choice.

All these Lambskins originate from within the four countries which make up the British Isles, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  Their varied colours and fur types reflect the diversity of the breeds which are farmed across Britain.

Fly the flag and be proud to sell a British product.


Top Tip:

They are a perfect size for bedside rugs or as a throw on a favourite chair.  





  Width Length
Small varies up to 100 cm
Medium n/a n/a
Large n/a n/a
Extra Large n/a n/a
XX Large n/a n/a
XXX n/a n/a

Product Care Guide

British Lambskins

Avoid strong direct sunlight. Avoid damp or wet conditions to prevent damage to the leather pelt. Brush regularly to help maintain and bring out the best in the wool fibres. Small stains and light soiling can be spot cleaned with a clean damp cloth and diluted sheepskin shampoo. Hand or machine wash in cool water (30°C) using a suitable sheepskin shampoo (some wool detergents contain phosphates and alkalis which can damage and stiffen the pelt). Machine wash on a gentle wool cycle. Please note, machine or hand washing may affect the appearance of the natural wool fibres and the leather pelt. We recommend shaking and brushing before washing to reduce the risk of tangles. After washing, while still wet brush with either a wire wool brush or comb to help restore its appearance and lift fibres. Dry flat where possible and gently stretch the leather during drying to aid flexibility when dry. For more thorough cleaning we recommend you consult your nearest specialist cleaners.  

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