Authentic German Heidschnucke sheepskins.  This breed of sheep has a characteristic double coat, a soft under layer and a crisp top layer which parts and forms feather like patterns. 

Sometimes the double coats are of two definite different colours, normally a grey undercoat and a brassy top coat but equally they can be subtle variations of one colour which is more common in creams and mahogany.  The feathering nature of the top coat means they create a feeling of movement and fluidity.  Their resilient fur means they work equally well as rugs or throws.  They are available in a wide range of sizes.

Heidschnuckes provide a unique and unusual hide that stands out and creates interest in any display.  They are a mid to higher price point.

Top Tip:
They have a wonderful retro feel and work really well with classic 20th century furniture, especially some of the Scandinavian styles.