All Icelandic Sheepskins have two coats; a soft dense under coat (Pel) and a long outer coat (Tog).  When tanned well the skins have depth from the Pel and long fur which feels like hair from the Tog.  What ever the colour they always ooze luxury.

Our Marbled Icelandics are a range of hides which are lush, soft, and supple with muted patterns that pass a hint of colour through the natural white.  This softens the tone and creates a calm ambiance.   Marbled Icelandics are super soft yet strong and make excellent throws and rugs.

The marbled range of Icelandics was introduced late last year and has been very popular.  It offers a unique sales opportunity by providing a move away from standard white whilst retaining the versatility of a neutral colour.

Top Tip:

Stocks of Natural Marble vary.  Check with the office as we sell on a first come first served basis.