Icelandic Natural Coloured Curly are genuine Natural Coloured Icelandic sheepskin tanned to preserve the authentic curl in the fleece.  The process produces a dense fleece with long curls, great texture and unequalled depth in a range of colours and Bi Colours.  The hides looks amazing with natural or rustic ranges of furniture and outstanding on wooden floors.

Natural Coloured Curly Icelandics are the rarest type of hide which we stock.  They are only available in limited numbers from one tannery.  If you want to be truly different and stock these we will keep your name and address on file and notify you of stock when it becomes available.  Please note due to the limited supply we may not be able to meet larger orders for coloured curly Icelandics

Top Tip:
These hides tend are in great demand and there is normally a waiting list.  Please ring the office  to register your interest.